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A New Study Shows Those Closest to Us Can Affect Our Oral Health

May 19, 2019
Posted By: Thomas P. Riley, DMD
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Do those closest to you influence the decisions you make about oral health care? You have a social network of family, friends, and acquaintances, and it turns out that they may have more of an impact on your oral health than you think.

At Azalea Dental, we stress the importance of dental exams and cleanings at our Summerville, SC as the best way to maintain oral health. But there’s more to dentistry than the procedures we perform, and it turns out that trust needs to play a significant role in the care we provide.

Do Friends and Family Affect Your Oral Health?

A researcher from Boston University’s Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine wanted to understand more about how these social structures affect oral health decisions. In 2008, she surveyed residents of Boston public housing and uncovered some interesting facts

The survey included 1,000 residents, and most said they would trust the word of people they know over that of an outsider. These results tell us that the relationships we have with our patients strongly influence the way they process oral health information.

As dental professionals, we can use this knowledge to focus more on building trusting connections with our patients. When you know you won’t be judged or lectured for your past oral health habits, you are much more likely to turn to your dentist first when you have a question or concern.

Trust a Team of Professionals Who Care

Dr. Thomas P. Riley and the team at Azalea Dental pride themselves on building relationships based on mutual respect and trust. Our team of experienced, caring dental professionals works together to ensure that you're comfortable with us, and your experience is pleasant and stress-free.

Please Call for Your Appointment

Preventive dental exams and cleanings at our Summerville, SC dental office are the foundation for a healthy smile. But the personal connection we establish with you will help motivate you to make and keep these appointments.

Whether you are located in Simpsonville, SC or beyond we look forward to getting to know you and your family and providing stress-free, focused dental care.

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