Has it been a while since you’ve been to a dentist? You might be feeling anxious, even concerned about your oral health. First of all, great job on making your first appointment with Azalea Dental! We’re glad you took the leap and decided to commit to your dental health. 

At Azalea Dental, we believe that educating our patients about dentistry and their options inspires them to take an active role in their health—which includes anticipating how your first visit will go. 

Typically, your first appointment with your dentist in Summerville, SC will start with a visual examination of your teeth and gums, along with a thorough dental cleaning. We will take digital x-rays so we can have a full set in your patient files. 

What Should I Bring to My Appointment?

We love information! If you have any previous health records, bring them in. We do ask that new patients bring the following:

Bring your insurance card if you have dental insurance, this will help our dental staff work on getting the maximum benefits for you. 

If you have any x-rays from your former dentist, please bring them with you. Requesting a copy of your x-rays is as easy as calling your previous dental office and asking them to send the files directly to us. 

Let us know what medications you are taking; we’d like to know what kind of medication and dosage. 

Do you have any allergies or medical conditions? Let us know so we can update your patient records. 

What You Can Expect From Our Dental Office

Your dentist in the 29483 area designed Azalea Dental with patient comfort and cleanliness in mind. We sterilize every room between patients, and our friendly front office dental staff will put you at ease. 

Going to the dentist isn’t a fun adventure for everyone, so we want to make sure your time with us is extra relaxing and stress-free. Let us know if you need water, a blanket, or more to feel cozy.

We have a coffee station, complimentary water, and magazines for your reading pleasure. 

Your Dental Cleaning and Exam

Your dental hygienist will protect your chest with paper cloth, and we can provide eye shields as well. The hygienist will remove any hard buildup of plaque and tartar on your teeth and around your gums. We will take a digital x-ray, so we can determine if there are any dental abnormalities. 

If you have jaw pain, mouth pain, earaches, tooth pain, or trouble sleeping, let your endodontist in Summerville, SC know. 

What Are My Financing Options?

We never want patients to put off essential and necessary dental procedures due to financial concerns. We make it easy to finance your procedures by offering different payment options. 

We accept Cigna, MetLife, and Delta Dental, but we can file any dental insurance. We help patients by offering pre-procedure estimates, and we work on making sure your benefits are maximized. Contact us if you have any insurance questions, we are happy to provide answers.

We accept cash, check, and most major credit cards, along with CareCredit. We also offer a pre-payment plan that allows you to prepay for a few months before the procedure. 

We are proud to offer our In-House Discount Savings Plan. Patients pay an annual fee and receive 100% off of essential procedures like x-rays, diagnostics, and cleanings as well as other treatments. There are no deductibles, yearly maximums, no required pre-authorization, and no restrictions against pre-existing conditions. 

Call Today to Schedule Your First Visit

We are waiting to meet you, give our Summerville dental office a call today to take the first step on your oral health journey