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How Safe are Dental X-Rays

July 7, 2016
Posted By: Dr. Thomas Riley
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Do you ever wonder, “How safe are dental x-rays?”. The key to a healthy smile is prevention. When you see Dr. Thomas Riley for the first time, we typically start with a thorough oral exam. As part of this, we will take x-rays of your mouth. People often feel hesitant and worry they are placing themselves at risk. However, we use advanced technology to ensure our exams are safe, comfortable, and precise.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dental X-Rays

What is digital radiography?

Instead of using traditional photographic equipment and bitewings, the doctor employs a digital sensor and computer technology to perform a series of detailed x-rays.  When you first sit in the chair, the dentist will place a sensor into your mouth. Unlike the bitewings typically used, this device actually takes the x-rays of your mouth.

How do they differ from traditional techniques?

Conventional radiography can be rather time consuming. However, the digital alternative takes much less time. In addition, you won’t need to wait while the dentist develops the images. Instead, the images will be instantly uploaded to a chairside computer, so the dentist can show you detailed images of your teeth and jaws.

Are they safe?

Answer: Yes. First, they use significantly less radiation, between 80 and 90% less in many cases. While dental professionals take precautions to limit exposure to radiation during traditional radiography, many patients feel more secure with the digital option. In addition, they are considered an environmentally friendly option since they don’t require chemicals for a lengthy development process. We can recommend them for patients of all ages, including children. If you are pregnant, let us know. In most cases we can still perform any necessary radiography as part of your treatment.

When does the doctor perform an x-ray?

Answer: We typically perform radiography as part of an initial checkup. The detailed images allow the dentist to make accurate and precise diagnoses and to recommend the most appropriate treatment options. We may also use them to monitor your oral health during follow-up visits or as part of the dental implant planning process.

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