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Quiz: What is Preventive Dentistry

May 30, 2016
Posted By: Thomas P. Riley, DMD
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We all know people can visit the dentist to treat cavities and gum issues once they develop, but can the dentist offer treatment to help you avoid problems altogether? With a focus on preventive dentistry, the team at Azalea Dental can offer a number of procedures to protect your smile from cavities and periodontal disease. What is preventive dentistry?

Avoiding Common Dental Issues

1. True or False: Dental sealants can keep food from becoming stuck between teeth.

2. True or False: Fluoride treatments strengthen enamel.

3. True or False: We can address bruxism and TMJ issues with a nightguard.

4. True or False: Using laser density, we can detect cavities.

Answer Key

1. True - With dental sealants, the dentist will apply a special plastic material to the molars in the rear of the mouth. Since these teeth are often difficult to reach when brushing and flossing, food can become stick between teeth, where bacteria breaks it down in a process that can weaken enamel and lead to decay. The sealant material prevents this, reducing the risk of tooth decay.

2. True - With a fluoride treatment, we apply a special varnish to the teeth. The fluoride then remineralizes the teeth, strengthening them against the harmful bacteria and plaque buildup that leads to cavities.

3. True - We offer nightguards to address a variety of common dental health issues. With bruxism, people grind their teeth and clench their jaws, often while sleeping. To prevent damage to the teeth, we can prescribe a nightguard to stop the upper and lower teeth from touching, decreasing bruxism episodes. With TMJ disorder, strain on the jaw joints causes difficulty opening and closing the mouth, as well as symptoms such as headaches or jaws that pop and click. The nightguard repositions the jaw to ease strain.

4. True - Our team believes part of our approach to preventive dentistry should include uncovering potential issues in the earliest stages. With the DIAGNOdent laser system, we can find tooth decay in the beginning stages, allowing us to treat the problem before it progresses.

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I hope you have a better understanding of how important preventative dentistry is now. Do you want a healthy, disease-free smile? Looking for treatments that can help you avoid common oral health problems?

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