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3 Questions You Should Ask at Your Orthodontics Consultation

April 1, 2019
Posted By: Thomas P. Riley, DMD
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Are you an adult who has always wished for a straighter smile? Did you have braces as a kid, but your teeth have since relapsed? Would you like an orthodontic solution but don’t want to spend years in metal braces?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, adult orthodontics in Summerville, SC could be a game changer. Not only is treatment typically faster than with bracket-and-wire braces, but you don’t have to alter your lifestyle to get a straighter smile.

Choosing the Right Treatment for You

Adult orthodontic treatment options vary depending on the extent of your misalignment and your goals for a healthier smile. Of course, the best place to start is by arranging a consultation with your Summerville, SC dentist. You can explore your options by asking the following questions: 

How Long Does Treatment Take?

If you want to straighten your smile because you have a big event coming up, you’ll want to see results as quickly as possible. When you know how long treatment lasts with different options, you can choose accordingly. 

How Easy is Oral Hygiene?

One drawback with bracket and wire braces is that it’s difficult to get your teeth as clean as they should be. When considering orthodontics, talk to your dentist or hygienist about which treatment will do the job and still allow you to get the most out of your oral hygiene routine.

Are There Any Food Restrictions?

Most adult orthodontic options deliver fast results, but a short-term treatment like Six Month Smiles still relies on brackets and wires to do the job. In this case, cutting out sticky foods like gummy candies is obvious, but there may be other foods that you should avoid, and your Lincolnville dentist will let you know what they are.

Call Azalea Dental to Schedule a Consultation

Dr. Thomas Riley is pleased to offer adult orthodontics at our Summerville dental office like clear aligners and Six Month Smiles Braces. If you would like to learn more about these options and which is right for you, please call us to arrange a commitment-free consultation

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