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Drinks to Avoid for a Healthier Smile

July 23, 2017
Posted By: Thomas P. Riley, DMD
Drinks to Avoid for a Healthier Smile | Azalea Dental

If you believe you are doing everything right with your oral health but still get diagnosed with cavities, the soft drinks you consume may be the culprit.

Colas and other soft drinks are by far the worst drinks because they are loaded with sugar. For instance, a 21 oz. bottle of cola contains 44 grams of sugar. Just to put this in perspective, adults need only 32 grams of sugar per day to maintain good health.

If you regularly consume energy drinks, it’s time to rethink your choices. Many energy drinks contain unhealthy levels of caffeine, but they are also filled with acid and sugar. There is not much good to be said about energy drinks – they usually contain dozens of grams of sugar, hundreds of calories, and not one valuable nutrient.

Fruit juices like orange, cranberry, and apple have the redeeming feature of containing Vitamin C and other nutrients, but they are so high in acid that deciding if they are a good choice is a tough call. Fortunately, some manufacturers now produce low-acid and low-sugar varieties of their fruit drinks, so keep that in mind when you’re shopping at the grocery store.

Except for sugar-free drinks, it is hard to find a beverage that does not have some negative impact on your teeth. This doesn’t mean you should stop drinking everything but milk and water. It just means that you need to be a little more selective and cut back on those drinks that are the worst for your teeth.

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