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3 Big Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Skip Routine Dental Visits

May 20, 2019
Posted By: Thomas P. Riley, DMD
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You just got a reminder from your dentist that it’s time to schedule your next dental exam and cleaning. So, you look at your calendar and wonder when you’re going to have the time. Your teeth were healthy last time, and you’ve been brushing and flossing, so skipping one appointment can’t hurt, can it?

It turns out that there are several good reasons why you shouldn’t skip routine dental visits with your Sangaree, SC dentist. You may be surprised

1. Prevent Dental Pain

It may not be possible to prevent all dental pain, but seeing us every six months allows us to monitor your oral health and reduce the risk for toothaches. When you stay current with these appointments, we can find and treat minor dental problems long before they cause toothaches that can disrupt your life. 

2. Save You Money

Would you like to avoid costly dental bills? Preventive dental exams and teeth cleanings in Sangaree, SC can save you money on your family’s oral health care. Using digital x-rays helps us find the tiniest spots of decay so we can address them with a simple filling. If you miss a dental visit and the cavity spreads, we may need to perform a root canal to save the tooth.

3. Protect Your General Health

Periodontal or gum disease affects millions of Americans without their knowledge. That’s because in some cases, gum disease shows no symptoms; the infection can advance and damage the structures that support your teeth before you even know it exists. But the latest studies tell us that gum infections can contribute to health problems like diabetes, heart disease, lung disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, and even some cancers.

Please Call to Schedule Your Next Appointment

Whether it’s time for your next scheduled routine dental visit in Summerville, SC, or you’ve fallen a little behind with your oral health care, please call Azalea Dental. We’re a judgment-free dental practice, and we’ll work with you to get your oral health back on track and protect your beautiful smile.

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